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LogoIn the 90, by initiative of the Capirona community, the communities Rio Blanco, Runa Wasi, Chuva Urku, Wasila Talag, Machakuyaku y Pacto Sumaco started to organise themselves, with, later, the addition of Sinchipura, Alukus and Limoncocha. Little by little, they built the necessary infrastructure before setting up officially the Indigenous Network of Alto Napo Communities for the Intercultural Exchange and Ecotourism (RICANCIE), based on the participation of everybody. In 2007, RICANCIE becomes the Provincial Corporation of Community Tourism in Napo. We are LEADER and PIONEER in the provision of community tourism services in the Amazon, on the national and international levels.

Today, RICANCIE is part of the national organization that represents all community initiatives in Ecuador, the Plurinational Federation of Community Tourism of Ecuador (FEPTCE).